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"Having a well designed and functional website is the corner stone of your online presence. Don't waste another opportunity to get it right"

Wayne Lawson - Inhale


Your website is often the first impression that you give to a prospective client or customer, how your website is put together can often lead a person to believe that this is how you conduct your business. Get it wrong and they are clicking the back button.

By working together we can create a site that is both functional and easy to navigate, and will have all of the necessary 'calls to action' and 'push-points' that will get your target market excited.

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"Sometimes there is a need stop looking for the perfect product to suit your business processes and start to create it. Yourself!"

Wayne Lawson - Inhale


The art or profession of software development stems from the core premise that what has come before is just not doing the job now! Our businesses evolve in and around our own industry and how we use or our computers to help us work smarter demands that the software keeps up.

Good software packages evolve with these demands, but sadly a lot of industry specific software can start to lag behind and create holes in your processes. When that happens it is time to start thinking about creating a solution that suits your company exactly.

Software by your company, and owned by your company, just written by us.

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"Not all software systems are alike. Each and every one has it's function.

But every now and then you want all of them to come together, and to work as one.

That is integration"

Wayne Lawson - Inhale

Integration + Automation

In an era of huge development in industry or task specific software solutions, occasionally the least important criteria will be whether or not it will talk to other software solutions. Budget constraints, current demand for that functionality or privacy of data all factor in to this decision.

Having your website update your inventory solution, and create a invoice in your accounting package... automatically, is going to make your business run smoother and allow you to concentrate more on your actual business, not the administration.

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