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Your website forms the core of all your Digital Marketing and getting it right is so very important. How your website is designed and layed out can mean the difference between turning website "traffic" into customers, and turning them away because they don't understand what you have to offer.

A well designed website allows you to capitalise on the marketing traffic that you are generating via all of your online and offline marketing efforts. eCommerce website design is an entirely different strategy, and one that requires more thought than most to convert visitors into real dollars, right away.

Inhale has been doing website design on the Sunshine Coast for over 8 years. We are committed to working with Sunshine Coast business owners to design and develop your online digital strategy to meet all your marketing goals. Whether you have selling online and require indepth eCommerce development or your business simply needs a web presence we have the experience and passion to set you up online the right way first time.

Take a look through our recent portfolio below to see firstly the quality of the website design that you will have access to and the ideas that are incorporated into the different designs that help you meet your marketing goals. We also do web development for Brisbane companies, SEO for Sunshine Coast companies.

For more information on Website Design take a look at our Web Design Sunshine Coast section of the website, or take a look around our site at what we offer as your Digital Marketing Agency.

Fancy title, simple concept

eCommerce is a catch phrase that simply means doing business online. Whether you provide an ordering system for business to business transactions or you have an online shopping cart that sells 6 products it is all part of eCommerce.

Unfortunately this statement is now synonymous with "this is going to be expensive" when it really shouldn't be. You can setup an ecommerce enabled site using a Content Managed Website and online ordering systems like Paypal, sure it may not look that attractive but is going to allow you to sell your products online.

A well thought eCommerce strategy will make buying from you easy and will keep customers coming back or referring your website to their friends and family, so it is important to put the time into planning the buying process.

You can find more information on eCommerce, Product Catalogues and Shopping Carts on our eCommerce Page

Managing your own website

Setting up websites that can be managed by you, the client, is pretty much the norm these days. But the choice of content manager is often driven by profits (of the web design company) instead of keeping you the client in mind.

When we build your website, we build using Adobe Business Catalyst, an industry leading platform for not only managing your website content but your online business as well.

Business Catalyst provides you with all the tools you need to maintain any level of website from one login.

Got a simple website that really just has your logo, contact details and an enquiry form, no problems. For around the same costs as your current hosting we can set you up on Business Catalyst, and you get the peace of mind knowing that when you are ready to take the next step and make your website even more powerful, Business Catalyst can be upgraded in minutes.

Checkout our Business Catalyst page for more information on Business Catalyst including our information sheets

Customised Software Solutions

What is a Digital Solution?

Well it is any process where you take your business processes and turn them into a software application that helps your business run smoother.

Inhale have been building quality software applications of over 8 years. Our main area of expertise is Web Based applications but we have also developed PC based applications that run in your office and on your servers.

Software development is the one areas that sets Inhale apart from the rest of the crowd on the Sunshine Coast. We don't just do websites or internet marketing, we write software applications from scratch.

Take a look through the Software Development section of our website for more information on how we can help you.

Web Hosting & Domains

Knowing Inhale handles all of your Domain Names and Web Hosting gives you the comfort of knowing that you only have to make one phone call when you need any details about your domain, your website or your emails. We also provide you with all these details should you want to control your own affairs, or even just keep a record of them for your business systems.

Domain Name Registration

Registering your domain name with Inhale is as easy as clicking on

Registering through Just Need A Domain also means that by registering your domain name you are also donating to a chosen charity for that year. All profits go to that charity on a quarterly basis.

Web Hosting

We provide several types of Web Hosting to suit any type of website, whether we have built it not. Our Hosting covers

  • Windows Hosting
  • Hosting for Joomla
  • Hosting for Wordpress
  • Email Only Hosting
  • PHP Hosting

Take a look at our Web Hosting page to check out our pricing

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